Eyre Peninsula Disaster Fund

Following the horrific bushfires on Eyre Peninsula in January 2005 which resulted in loss of life and property, the EP Disaster Fund was formed in 2006 for the primary purpose of providing money and benefits to people on the Eyre Peninsula in dire or necessitous circumstances.

Donations (over $2.00) to the Disaster Fund are tax deductible, and the proceeds can be provided direct to individuals as well as to other appropriate relief organisations

If an event was to occur on the Eyre Peninsula which resulted in major damage or hardship to individuals or communities, the EPCF Board would meet as the Disaster Advisory Committee and launch an appeal to attract donations to the Disaster Fund.

The Committee would then allocate the funds in a manner appropriate to the circumstances at the time. In making funding decisions the Committee may take appropriate advice from relevant emergency management and relief agencies and would determine, on a case-by-case basis, the nature of the assistance provided to each individual. This might be financial or in the form of goods or infrastructure resources.

Donations may be made to the Disaster Fund at any time.

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