Scholarship Grants

The Education sub-fund was established in 2016 to build an endowment addressing education needs on Eyre Peninsula.

Prizes, scholarships and assistance with relocation to attend university are examples of how funds are used.

Your donation to the Education Fund will contribute to the Foundation’s ongoing support to primary, secondary and tertiary students from the Eyre Peninsula.


Read from some of our successful students who benefitted greatly from the support of the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation's Scholarship Grants Program.

Tessa Rusden 2017

Bachelor of Health Science / Master of Occupational Therapy at Flinders Uni “I found being the recipient of a Tertiary Scholarship in 2017 was extremely helpful in allowing me to access all the textbooks and resources needed to undertake my degree for that semester. It helped reduce some of the financial stress associated with being away from home and reduced working hours as I was attending University full-time. I felt I was able to truly immerse myself within my degree due to the help of having received the scholarship. Thank you to the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation for supporting this scholarship” Completed her degree in 2020 and has been working as an Occupational Therapist in Port Lincoln since the start of 2021.

Olivia Dunn 2019

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Business (Finance) at Uni SA “I am now in my final semester of my degree and still fondly remember how much the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation scholarship helped me with the transition to Adelaide and University. The funds received allowed me to invest into my studies and wellbeing and the service provided from your team was excellent. Four years later, with a degree almost under my belt, I could not be more grateful to be one of the scholarship recipients.”

Brooklyn Binns 2020

Bachelor of Nursing at University of Adelaide “I would once again like to thank the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation for their generous scholarship which enabled me to continue my studies throughout covid times. I will be completing my studies this year and am hoping to practice nursing rurally.”

Tristan Ryan 2020

Bachelor of Science - Marine Biology at University of Adelaide “I feel very honoured and grateful to have received the scholarship, the funds have truly assisted me with my studies and the financial stresses which come with moving away from home to study full time. It gave me the opportunity to focus more on my study without having to put myself through working many hours each week to live in Adelaide. I was also able to improve my study experience as the funds helped to cover items such as textbooks, computer software and general study costs to helping to make University be as smooth and beneficial as possible. I would like to thank the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation Board for their generosity and assisting me through my studies.”

Sophie Traeger 2022

Bachelor of Teaching / Science at University of Adelaide “The Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation – Education Fund scholarship (EFS) has had a distinguishable influence on my educational success, allowing me to achieve exceptional university results, specifically 2 High distinctions (HD’s) and 2 Distinctions (D’s). EFS’s funding contributed to my purchase of a new Apple Mac computer, as well as additional learning materials such as costly textbooks. These resources have been fundamental to my educational development because they allow me to access useful information/sources and benefit my strength of visual learning. Additionally, the funds provided by the EFS have assisted in transport and the purchasing of appropriate clothing for my upcoming Teaching Placement at St Peters College. I am extremely grateful for being awarded the EFS as it has allowed me to achieve these results, and ultimately show students that the occupational obstacles of living rurally are surmountable with community support such as that provided by the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation scholarship.”

Marli Ryan 2022

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours) at Uni SA “I was very honoured to receive this scholarship and thank everyone who donates to this cause. This money has helped me to feel more financially stable while living away from home, and allowed me to focus more on my study so I could strive for excellence in my future career.”

Grant Recipients

2022Marli Ryan

Sophie Traeger

2021Ella Tansell

Callum Guidera

2020Brooklyn Binns

Tristan Ryan

Chloe Blackham

2019Olivia Dunn

Lily Matena

Olivia Murray

2018Nili Jain Bagnell-Smith

Madeline Crettenden

Sarah Wallace

2017Hayden Bennett

Nicolas Marino

Hayley Miller

Charlie Muecke

Tessa Rusden

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